Trial Areas

We have chosen four trial areas where test data is being provided to give users the opportunity to download and assess BASE Platform data prior to launch.

The areas have been chosen to best test the different technologies being utilised in the project. Sample data can be downloaded from each of the trial area pages below.



Outside the trial areas

If you have a requirement for data in a particular part of the world then please explore the data portal, identify your area of interest and request a quote. We will be happy to respond with more information about data availability.

Data license

Creative Commons LicenseBASE Platform trial data is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Altimeter SDB data is licenced by Isardsat. Optical SDB data is licenced by EOMAP. SAR SDB is licenced by DLR. CSB data is licenced by Smartcom Software. Tidal data is licenced by Deltares.